Deer Valley & Park City Utah Market Stats

These charts show current trends median sales price and average days on the market in the Park City, Utah real estate marketplace. They are handy snapshots that give a quick overview of market trends across all Park City, Utah neighborhoods.

Total Inventry Chart for Park City,UT Mediam Price Chart for Park City,UT

The above chart combines the in-town (zip 84060) and out of town (zip 84098) areas.

Deer Valley & Park City Limits

Deer Valley does not have its own zip code, so if you are looking for Deer Valley Statistics, they are included in the Zip 84060 chart below...

Mediam Price Chart for 84060 Average Days Chart on Market for 84060

Snyderville Basin Real Estate Sales Statistics

The Park City limits end near the "White Barn." Many of the neighborhoods in the Park City school district lie outside the city limits. This includes neighborhoods near Canyons resort, Old Ranch Road, Kimball Junction, Trailside, Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook, and Summit Park.

Mediam Price Chart for 84098 Average Days Chart on Market for 84098

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