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How exciting!  That's great that you found a property that you may like to acquire.  We specialize in helping prospective investors find and acquire properties at the lowest possible prices.  

Heads-up:  We don't let our clients pay full retail price for properties these days!  We don't want you to invest a penny more than you have to...

Now that you found a property that interests you, we'll spring into immediate action!  Please complete the form below so we'll be instantly notified of your interest.  

Our team of license real estate pros will put together a comprehensive summary of the recent pending and closed sales in the subject neighborhood, and one of our team will get in touch with you immediately to review the data with you.  

Once we're all comfortable with the actual fair market value of the property is in today's marketplace, we'll strategize with you to determine the best starting point for negotiations.

As inventory of available properties continues to decrease around Park City & Deer Valley and we're seeing multiple offers on the best bank-owned deals and other distress-priced properties, it's critical that you get your offer submitted in a timely fashion.

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