Interlaken Estates Midway Real Estate For Sale

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Interlaken Estates Views

Interlaken estates is a perfect neighborhood to consider in Midway Utah if you like the idea of bordering the Wasatch Mountain State Park and you love "king of the hill" views overlooking the quaint town of Midway and the entire Heber Valley.

Interlaken Estates borders the 23,000 acre Wasatch Mountain State Park

Views from Interlaken Estates Overlooking State Park

We happen to live in Interlaken Estates and we've helped dozens of other families explore homes and lots for sale in Interlaken for almost 20 years! 

One of our agents also happens to be the Mayor of Interlaken town, so we can quickly and easily answer all of your questions about owning real estate in Interlaken, Utah.

For information about Interlaken Building Codes, neighborhood rules, etc. please visit 


Quickly & easily gather all the info you need about Interlaken Estates.  Interlaken's top real estate team is at your service! Call 435-200-3060 or use our Live Chat for instant answers to your Interlaken real estate questions.