Park City 1031 Exchanges

Are you selling a property and looking for a way to defer your capital gains taxes?  We have been helping savvy property owners complete like-kind exchanges in Park City, Utah for over 15 years.

While IRS Section 1031 Exchanges can be a powerful tool in minimizing your taxes, the IRS has strict timelines and processes that you must adhere to.  Some exchanges can involved complicated legal structures, and you don't want to make a mistake that could cost you tends or hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Don't worry--we have helped dozens of clients successfully complete their exchanges within the guidelines and timelines.  Our professional brokers and agents can help you set up your exchange quickly and easily

Park City, Utah 1031 Exchange Services

  • Find a qualified exchange intermediary
  • Save you money setting up and completing your exchange
  • Identify potential "replacement" properties
  • Correctly structure the sale of your "relinquished" property in Park City
  • Reverse 1031 Exchanges

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